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My favourite weather links

This page is heavily under construction

The current weather forecast for the United States

If you can read this you are missing a forecast for the US, sorry!

More information regarding this picture at Intellicast Inc.

If you are as deranged as I am and you would like to know the weather for selected cities in the USA and around the world updated every two hours this is the program [] for you.

The best place to look for weather information is WXNet at U of Michigan. Their list of weather resources is the most comprehensive list I've seen. Great work!

But how about the weather where I come from? Unfortunately almost all cool weather links relate to the USA but Radar Electronics AB in Göteborg has set up Swedens first weather radar available for the public on the Internet. It provides (almost) live radar pictures for Göteborg and a 128 km (80 mi) radius.

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